Are you looking for better ferformance and longer range at the best possible price?

Combine your new WING-X STOL kit with Monarch auxilliary fuel cells, approved on most single engine Cessna aircraft. Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair in Manitoba is the STC holder and distributor for the Monarch auxilliary fuel cells which can be installed at the same time as your wing extensions or during your wing rebuild. These auxiliary tanks are installed adjacent to the bladder tank and will provide approximately 18.1 USG of additional fuel per wing.

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512 Airline Road
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St. Andrews, Manitoba R1A 3P3
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WING-X STOL and MICRO Aerodynamics VG’s

Are you looking for great low speed controllability?

MICRO Aerodynamics Vortex Generators and the WING-X STOL combination nothing short of Terrific!

As an active airline pilot and test pilot for Air Research Technology I have accumulated more than 20,000 hrs. in both single engine aircraft as well as jumbo jets. VG’s were introduced more than 50 years ago on high speed aircraft because the air compressibility and shock wave effect was disrupting the airflow over the wing and control surfaces at these very high speeds.

Disruption of the laminar flow of air occurs on STOL modified aircraft as well, especially when flying at very low speed and high angle of attack. Vortex generators return the smooth airflow over the wing and control surfaces enhancing low speed controllability and flight safety.

If you are looking for great control response and to enhance your flight safety envelop during low
speed flight, then you owe it to yourself to combine these two kits VG’s & WING-X STOL. But, don’t take my word for it. See what our customers have to say...

Through the years numerous customers have installed VG’s and the WING-X STOL in combination and their comments to me are always the same “low speed controllability both in roll and pitch is simply terrific.”

Paul F. Caban, Pres. Air Research Technology Inc.

4000 Airport Road Suite "D"
Anacortes, WA 98221
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The 260SE/STOL is a major breakthrough in the field of high performance safe, STOL aircraft. The 260SE provides performance and safety previously thought impossible to obtain in a single aircraft.

At the heart of the 260SE's remarkable performance is the high-lift canard. With this system, the 260 SE can safely fly at speeds of 55 knots while maintaining a safe, flat, stall-resistant attitude.

No other airplane can equal the nimble 260SE's maneuverability, short-field ability, and safety.


P. Ponk SUPER EAGLE engine conversion

The P. Ponk SUPER EAGLE engine conversion puts additional 35 to 45 horsepower under your cowl for about the same price as a factory rebuilt engine. Your aircraft will takeoff shorter, climb faster, cruise faster and be less expensive to operate on a per mile basis

P. Ponk Aviation

* Propeller STC's and Performance
* Major Airframe Repair and Maintenance
* FAA/PMA Approved, STC'd

Landing Gear Parts and Modifications for Cessna models 170, 180, 185, L-19
Landing Gear Beef-Up Kit - More than 3,000 installed world wide.
Heavy Duty Outboard Landing Gear Brackets - Provide increased strength and improved corrosion resistance.
Heavy Duty Inboard Landing Gear Angles - Provide increased strength and corrosion resistance.

P. Ponk Aviation
1212 Moore Rd #2
Camano Island, WA 98282-8820
Tel. 360-629-4812
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Industry leader for single-engine Cessna fiberglass replacement parts

Stene Aviation acquires Sportsman STOL STC's.
The Sportsman STOL increases the wing area by about four square feet and is fully compatible with WING-X STOL.

WING-X STOL manufactures four different models of wing extension airfoils, two of these models
are specifically designed to fit directly onto the Sportsman STOL modified wing.

The WING-X STOL STC is fully approved to be installed in combination with the Sportsman STOL. In fact , if you wish to have the ULTIMATE in CESSNA SINGLE ENGINE STOL PERFORMANCE then Air Research Technology strongly recommends combining these two kits.

For the Sportsman STOL contact;
Stene Aviation, Inc.
470 Regatta Rd.
P.O. Box 700
Polson, MT
59860, USA
Tel.: 406-883-6244
Toll-Free: 800-597-1911
Fax: 406-883-2389

Engine & Propeller Upgrades for your Cessna 180, 182, 205, 206, 207, 210.

308 BOERNE Stage Airfield
Boerne, Texas 78006
Tel.: 800-899-7597 or 830-755-8989
Fax: 830-755-2384
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Wip-Tips for Cessna 206

Wipaire, Inc. has many STC's for Cessna aircraft including "Wip-Tips" for the Cessna 206. These wing extensions are another great product from Wipaire Inc. of Minnesota. The wing extension modification for other Cessna series and models is called the WING-X STOL and is available through us at Air Research Technology Inc. or our authorized dealer in the U.S.A.:

Wipaire, Inc.
1700 Henry Ave. Fleming Field (SGS)
South St. Paul, MN 55075
Tel: 651-451-1205
Fax: 651-457-7858
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Air Plains

Air Plains
439 North West Road
Wellington, Kansas, 67152
Tel: 1-800-752-8481 ou 1-620-326-8904
Fax: 1-620-326-5346
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Disciples of Flight - Aviation photography and video production

Disciples of Flight
916 Southwood Blvd. 1F
Incline Village Nevada 89451
Tel: 1-888-469-4680 Ext 5
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