Gross Weight/C.G. Graphs


C.G. Graph C-170 +172 A&B

C.G. Graph C-172 C

C.G. Graph C-172 D thru K

C.G. Graph C-172 L, M, N

C.G. Graph C-172 P

C.G. Graph C-172 Q

C.G. Graph C-172 R

C.G. Graph C-R172 E & R172 F

C.G. Graph C-R172 G, H, J, K

C.G. Graph C-172 RG

C.G. Graph C-172 S

C.G. Graph C-P172

C.G. Graph C-175, 175A, B

C.G. Graph C-175 C

C.G. Graph C-180, 180A to F

C.G. Graph C-180 G to K

C.G. Graph C-182 A to D

C.G. Graph C-182 E thru M

C.G. Graph C-182 N

C.G. Graph C-182 P-Q

C.G. Graph C-182 R-S and T182

C.G. Graph C-185 A toD (I0-470-F)

C.G. Graph C-185 E (I0-470-F)

C.G. Graph C-A185 E (I0-470-F)

C.G. Graph C-A185 E (I0-520-D)

C.G. Graph C-A185 F (I0-520-D)

C.G. Graph C-R182 and TR182

bullet Click on CG envelop  most resembling your Cessna model
bullet Click on any box (all fields are modifiable using Excel )
bullet Enter accurate data by referencing weight and limitations obtained from your Cessna model TCD’s, aircraft W&B, POH or other limitations supplied by Supplemental Type Certification. Once complete this new CG envelop will accurately depict your aircraft CG envelop limitations and can be used for operational purposes.
The SAMPLE CG Envelops provided herein must be modified to
accurately represent your aircraft model and configuration.

CG env A185F Seaplane

CG env 185A thru D Landlane

CG env 185E Landlane

CG env A185E Landplane

CG env A185F Landplane

CG env C180,182 Landplane 1953- 1956

CG env C180A thru F Landplane

CG env C180G thru K Landplane

CG env C182A thru D Landplane

CG env C182E thru M Landplane

CG env C182N Landplane

CG env C182P & Q Landplane

CG env C182R (1981 & on )


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